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It starts with a great recipe

It all starts with family. Clarified was born out of a combination of Dustin's medicated clarified ghee butter and mama Clare’s homemade cookie recipes. Keeping the family tradition alive, Clare passed the mixing bowl down to her daughter-in-law and son. Frances and Dustin combined forces with cannabis herbalists and elders to offer a full line of whole plant medicine to our community. Together they are keeping the ancient traditions of whole plant cannabis infusion alive and well.

Whole plant. Whole heart. Whole feeling.


It's what's on the inside that counts

We are committed to creating high-quality products made from locally grown whole plant cannabis. We strive to offer consistently potent and delicious cannabis-infused products that we love to consume ourselves. Whether you use our products for health and wellness or recreation, you will appreciate all the care and love that goes into our creations.

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